Under the Skirt

Transgender issues for cisgender people


In 2002, a psychologist and crossdresser named Richard Novic shocked the world when he ran the FIRST empirical study of transgender people conducted in the United States. The most shocking part of his carefully conducted survey was that 25% of the respondents had attempted suicide at some point in their lives. These findings seemed so incredible that, like good scientists, another group conducted an even more extensive and more comprehensive study and discovered that the original research WAS wrong. Over 45% percent of the respondents had attempted suicide!

Under the Skirt is a book about transgender issues written for cisgender (not transgender) people. This is a nonfiction book that is heavily researched (bibliography provided) yet written in an easy to read format that addresses transgender issues for all ages including the consequences of not transitioning as well as the process of transitioning for various ages.

In addition to the bibliography, I share observations shared in various transgender support groups.

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