Solitary - An LGBT Love Story


Ted is a bashful sophomore in college.  The girls think he's gay, the gay boys don't think he is.  Ted is terrified that anyone will find out the truth, until he meets a young girl who tells him exactly what she wants.  Daisy gets more than she bargains for, but is she ready to find out that Ted is really a Lesbian?

For almost 2 decades, Ted has hidden his secret behind deception, humor, misdirection, confusion, and theater.  However, Daisy begins to see through the mask, and begins to see the pain, she begins to see Tina.  After being trusted with such a precious secret, how can Daisy live the life she wants without breaking Tina's heart?

This is set in the late 1970s, during the early days of the Gay Liberation movement, and the infancy of Dr  Harry Benjamin's remarkable method of saving the lives of girls like Tina.

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