Transgender Sports


Transgender people face discrimination in healthcare

About 42 percent of female-to-male transgender adults reported verbal harassment, physical assault or denial of equal treatment in a doctor’s office or hospital, the researchers report.

Poll Results – Hiding and Gender Variance

I’ve been interested in the issue of hiding and its effect on the personality for transgender individuals for some time and have had a poll going on my website to ask questions about it. Even though the results have been “open”, not all results are visible (the text answers), so I’ve now closed the poll and am publishing the results here. It’s a four question poll. It was up from April 2011 till Sept 2013.

INFOGRAPHICS: “Forward Thinking Campaign” shares the risks for LGBTQ youth still today

The numbers are stark, but the best ways to combat these mental health statistics is for LGBTQ youth to have a supportive environment in their family, community, and overall society.

Physical activity in transgender people: a cross-sectional matched control study

However, transgender people are thought to have a negative experience when engaging in physical activity due to specific barriers relating to gender identity, transphobic experiences, lack of awareness about transgender people, and discriminatory sport policies (Jones, Arcelus, Bouman & Haycraft, submitted). This could indicate that engagement in physical activity is low among the transgender population.

Spironolactone, a Standard Drug in HRT for Trans Women, Has Side Effects

Spironolactone also has many other effects, including fatigue, fogginess, muscular atrophy, and weight gain, among others.

How gender transitions alter athletic performance

In 2015, she published the first study of transgender athletes' performances, finding that transgender women who received treatment to lower their testosterone levels did no better in a variety of races against female peers than they had previously done against male runners.

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