Transgender Myths


Myth: Giving kids blockers or hormones is child abuse

Dr Fortier, a cisgender Christian Conservative posted this video.

This video shows complete ignorance of the treatement of Transgender people and  WPATH treatment protocols.

WPATH protocol for Transgender Health provides a number of processes to screen which transgender girls are transsexual and need to transition.

Real Life Experience (RLE)

Real Life Experience (RLE) is required for extended periods, with specific milestones and checks; before the child goes to school in target gender, before they start puberty blockers, before they start hormones, and before they get surgery:

  •  6 months living part-time (evenings and weekends) in target gender.
  • Entire summer vacation living full-time in target gender.
  • During this entire RLE period, regular therapist assessment to confirm socialization, assimilation, role acceptance, and satisfaction.
  • Watching for secondary issues (such as I have to be a girl or mommy won't like me).
  • Blockers are ONLY used when a child is approaching puberty
  • Usually after the first period, ejaculation, or a growth spurt.
  • Blockers can be stopped and normal puberty can resume if it is determined that transition is not medically necessary.
  • Hormones are carefully monitored, a qualified doctor monitors hormone levels before, and during hormone treatments to use the lowest possible dose to reach normal hormone levels for the target gender.
  • They usually start with oral medications and regular checks,
  • They switch to alternate methods only when necessary.
  • Shots and implants are only when the doctor has a specific dosage identified.

One of the key reasons for the establishment of Real Life Experience requirements and structured transition was to help determine whether a person, a child especially, was really transgender or was just "going through a phase".  A child going through a phase will quickly find that being a girl 24/7 isn't as much fun as they had hoped, but a transgender girl will finally feel comfortable in her own body.  Both may find a bra annoying after 18 hours, but the transgender girl will be ready to put it back on the next morning.

The reality is that many kids "Going through a phase" are actually transgender.  The problem is that they are forced to go "undercover", hiding their tom-boy or sissy because they are persecuted for it.  If the tom-boy has a mother who insists on putting her in pinafores and frilly clothes, and always insists she smile and act like a lady, the transgender boy experiences this as rejection.  No child deserves to be rejected by their parents.

A far more common problem is the transgender girl whose father insists that he stop being a sissy and act like a man.  Some fathers can ever become violent and abusive, or insist that their sons play sports, go hunting, and win fights.  Many transgender girls are the victims of violent domestic abuse at home as well as violent assaults at school.  Transgender girls often have difficulty hiding their femininity.

We now know that there are BIOLOGICAL factors.

It was well documented by 1990, that transsexuals forced to go through birth sex puberty and forced gender conformity, had an ACTUAL suicide rate of over 90%

Transgender Mortality and Morbidity Rates

In 2006, a survey showed that 25% of the respondents had attempted suicide. Subsequent surveys of much larger populations, even thousands of respondents, has shown the suicide attempt rate to be 41-45%. A transgender suicide hotline that follows up on its callers has stated that over a THIRD (35%) of those who actually attempt suicide will eventually succeed. When you add those who were unable to respond because they were already dead, this puts the total suicide attempt rate at over 50%. A transgender child is 10 times more likely to attempt suicide and 30 times more likely to die before age 25. The suicide rate drops to normal when they transition if they are able to transition successfully.

Furthermore, an in-depth analysis of these empirical studies has shown that the majority of those who attempt suicide have been rejected or unsupported by their families. Suicide attempt rates for kids who have the support of families and friends is lower than for the overall population.

Teen Suicide Risks - Puberty Poisoning

Kids are at the highest risk during the period they are going through the wrong puberty. Furthermore, many will die of drug abuse, overdoses, "accidents", or untreated illness.

Kids who are denied treatment under WPATH protocols will often resort to mail order medications, underground distribution networks, or even deadly procedures such as injecting cement or silicone to create breasts and butt.

Kids who are thrown out of their homes by intolerant parents usually end up forced into prostitution, even if only in exchange for room and board initially, and are at the highest risk for HIV and due to lack of money for treatment - the highest risk of developing and spreading full-blown AIDS before they die.

Transgender Family Support is Critical

Parents who reject their kids for being transgender, whether it be physical abuse, emotional abuse, or literal ejection from the home, are essentially signing their child's death warrant, the only question is when.

Without parental support, even without transitioning, transgender children are often bullied at school on a daily basis. This bullying can include physical and sexual assaults, threats of assaults, and reminders of recent assaults, boys are often called 'sissy' and girls are often called 'tomboys' and the bullying is often done by groups of boys or girls. Unlike PTSD, these bullied kids know that they will be bullied until they transition. Trans kids will often isolate themselves as much as possible if they don't transition.

The danger is that parents often don't realize that they are rejecting their children.  That homophobic joke, or making fun of Caitlin Jenner, or calling your son a "Sissy" could be telling that child that you would rather see them dead than hear the truth, that they are transgender and MUST transition to survive.

Doctors and therapists who try to convince a child that they are NOT transgender, trying to force cisgender conformity - are guilty of malpractice. The parents could actually sue the doctor when the child dies.

Religious leaders who tell the parents of transgender children to force them to be gender conformant are conspirators to murder.

Religious leaders who advocate violence or the deaths of LGBT children - are accountable for the activities of their followers. If any of those followers engage in violence, the whole organization is a terrorist organization.