Religious Liberty - On Trial


Religious Liberty On Trial

This book challenges the notion of Religious Liberty, on both a legal and theological basis.

After hiding for years, Ted is encouraged by a new girlfriend to overcome years of fear and PTSD and come out of the closet (drawer?)  as a transgender woman.  She is quickly accepted by her friends and is enjoying her newfound freedom.

A young Air Force cadet named Tom finds out that Tina is not the beautiful girl she seems to be, and attempts to make a sucker bet.  Later, as Tina shares the story with her friends, it is discovered that Tom has made "Skirt Bets" with a cadets that have resulted in date-rapes.  When the girls try to teach him a lesson, Tom decides to have his revenge on Tina.

When Tom is confronted with criminal assault charges and irrefutable evidence and testimony of accomplaces , Tom's lawyer decides to defend Tom's actions on the basis of "Religious Liberty".  The defense calls several notable ministers as witnesses, but Tina and the Prosecutor have a number of interesting surprises.

Most of the witness testimony comes from actual preaching of real ministers, including the famous ones named as witnesses.

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