Transgender Fiction - Sara Desmarais - Deborah Ballard

Sara Desmarais

Forced Feminization Fiction

Sara is a mistress of the "Sissy" Genre. These are stories where a man is given a push to try something feminine and gradually pushed to the point of being completely feminized, transformed, chastised, and cuckolded. These books are a gentler form of forced feminization which is pushed or led by a loving partner. They are reluctant to change at first, but gradually find that they love being beautiful women. These books are also popular with some transgender girls who haven't transitioned or are transitioning later in life. These people have often been forced to hide the girl and pretend to be the man for years, or even decades. The fantasy of having someone forcing them to reveal the girl inside begging to come out and play, can have intense appeal.

Fair warning - these books are sexually explicit and include sexually explicit material including male chastity devices, anal sex, and bondage.

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