Tanya Allan

Tanya Allan

Tanya Allan is a prolific writer of various works, including novels, short stories and poetry. Some of her work, relating to transgender issues, may be familiar to those who feel that perhaps life would have been easier had they been born with a body and mind of the same gender. Her other - non-TG work has also been published, but under a different name.

Tanya is now settled in the southern half of the United Kingdom (sometimes known as England). Born and educated in Scotland, and having experienced over a half century of life, in a myriad of guises, mostly involved keeping the realm safe and secure from enemies, both domestic and foreign, Tanya has a more sedate life now, concentrating on grandchildren, dogs, travel and writing.

Deb - One of the things I love about Tanya's books is how she combines her experiences an undercover and spy-work with being transgender.  Most transgender girls feel like they are "undercover" trying to look and act like a boy and keep their feminine identity a secret, and the consequences of having that cover blown can include beatings, serious injury, even death.


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The Fortune Series

This series combines Tanya's experience with intelligence operations and transgender transition into a series of three books, a spy novel with a transgender agent as the main character.

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The Candy Cane Series

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